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April 17, 2020



blue one

blue two

brown one
(natural primary)

brown two
(natural secondary)


Poppins (Primary)

The quick brown fox, jumps over the lazy dog.

& Marks

When we set out to work on the brand for archer+alex, we started off with a couple iterations before coming to this branding. We started at a place that was more rustic and down played compared to what we typically do. It was a good starting place, but through more trial and error we settled on the marks and logotypes you see below. We feel it shares and elevates the TBDC brand and family.


While designing the packaging for archer+alex the focus was aimed at sleek and sophisticated packaging that is easy for the end-user and recyclable. Packaging comes in two variations, a white cardboard box and a craft cardboard box. The craft cardboard packaging is used for the simple soap line, that features no added colorants or fragrances.

archer+alex, founded in 2020, is an apothecaries business founded by TBDC. The business venture aims to create handmade luxury soaps, candles, bathbombs and more. The brand takes a modern approach to a centuries old craft with their point of view, product designs and product offerings.


Create a new line of business that has harmony with the current TBDC Branding.

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